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Why Take Drama?

Here is a list of quotes from DVHS Drama alumni on why students should take Drama:

“I met unique, wonderful people and watched them blossom in an environment that built us up.”

“You have fun while also learning important life/human skills not taught in other classes.”

“Finding confidence, a sense of leadership, and most importantly the familial bond with the cast and crew.”

“It helped me learn about myself even if I wasn’t ready to show it in real life. Confidence!”

“It taught me humility and the beauty of vulnerability. It also gave me a second family.”

“I looked forward to rehearsal every day and it was an amazing way to meet people.”

“Drama puts you out of your comfort zone and helps you find who you’re supposed to be.”

“Take drama because it will change your life!”

“Theatre taught me empathy as I was able to put myself in other people’s shoes.”

“It gave me a space to be creative and escape from high school. It was my home.”

I took it to step out of my comfort zone and make friends. These are now my best high school memories.”

“Once you find people you can shamelessly sing in public with, you’ve found your family!”

“Take drama for the drama family!”

“It was a space where I could fully be myself. It helped me tap into confidence I didn’t know I had.”

“The amazing community and watching others shine onstage.”

“I did the musicals, and the family that was made through them is something that I will cherish forever! You get to be the most expressive version of yourself.”

“The people! I learned so much, not just from the shows, but from the people around me.”

“I loved getting out of my comfort zone, learning more about myself, and everyone I met.”

“The sense of family and amazing friends and memories created along the way! TAKE DRAMA!”

“DV drama helps us grow as actors and human beings, and theater itself is an art form.”

“I loved the creative outlet and friendships. It felt like a place I could be safe and social. It builds confidence, helps with public speaking, and builds charisma.”

“The environment. Drama preps you for the real world.”

“I got to be a whole other character, ignore my problems and just PERFORM.”

“Family and the opportunity to perform to the best of my ability.”

“The ability to put yourself out there. To be seen, so to speak.”

“It allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and try something that I always enjoyed.”

“I have more transferable skills I learned from drama I use in my work life than just about anyone I know.”

“A community full of love, a place to explore, unconditional support, and simply fun.”

“I met some of my best friends – to this day – in high school drama.”

“Meeting such smart people and all the incredible experiences and opportunities.”

“I loved the sense of community.”

“It made me feel confident in my own skin and gave me a real family away from home.”

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