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Beauty and the Beast

Students interested in working on the tech crew should complete the form found HERE (must be signed into your srvusd account).

Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! I cannot begin to tell you how difficult it was to create this list. There were so many people who could have been cast, if we only had a bigger stage!

If you were cast, please look for a loop mail with more instructions (and follow the instructions!).

Belle                           Izzy Roth

Beast                          Joshua Guadarrama

Gaston                       Jose Sarmiento

LeFou                         Alysa Perez

Maurice                      Alex Mendiola

Lumiere                      Isaiah Mendiola

Mrs. Potts                   Millie Ore

Cogsorth                    Daylen De Guia

Babette                      Kylie Twomey

Madame De La

Grande Bouche         Jennifer Duka

Chip                           Gabrielle Ocampo

Monsieur D'Arque    Cameron Lee

Silly Girl                      Samantha Frias

Silly Girl                      Maddie Hibbard

Silly Girl                      Makena Sapida

Ensemble                   Jay Abando

                                    Bella Bahamon*

                                    Maya Botongbacal

                                    Eston Crane

                                    Kenan Crane

                                    Kimberly DeBarger-Gestring

                                    Katelyn Dilbeck

                                    Lola Estrada

                                    Mia Juni*

                                    Karen Kim*

                                    Audrey Kristic

                                    Gio Lardizabal

                                    Zoe Laureta

                                    Valarie Lee*

                                    Kendall Moore*

                                    Blake Moore

                                    Corinne Nached

                                    Gabriel Naguib

                                    Lauren Ottley*

                                    Alexa Owen

                                    Alliah Patricio

                                    Matthew Ramos

                                    Skye Ramos

                                    Sarisha Sabhlok

                                    Jaden Salinas

                                    Manaal Shareh

                                    AJ Sohrabi

                                    Kayla Suhaili

                                    Chrei Torres

                                    Emma Wong


*Denotes Featured Dancer